Patrick (Pat) O’Donnell

Q. When did you start flying? 
A. My first flying was when I was 9 or 10 in Australia.(60 years ago).

Q. Have you tried other styles of model airplane flying?
A. I have flown SC RC when I was 14, then Propo at 20, Helicopters at 42, back to propo at 64.

Q. What interests you in control line
A. Sport flying, general, non-competition stunt.

Q. What is your favourite memory of flying?
A. Probably in the 70’s getting into multi proportional flying for RC, A team racing in CL in the 60,s.

Q. Do you build your own models? (or something to include building)
A. Yes, I build all my own planes, boats etc.

Q - What is your favourite model?
A - I like old timers best in RC. The 50,s Junior 60 style of plane. Sport Scale is my most desired type builds. 

Q. What was your most spectacular crash? 
A. My MOST spectacular crash? Tooo many to choose from.

Q. Have you participated in any competitions? 
A. I am not a competition flyer.

Q. How did you start in control line?
A. My father knew where the local club was flying and took me out there. I got hooked on it almost immediately. He had someone working for him that had flown, and he gave me some motors, all diesels, an ED 2.46 racer and a couple of  DC 1.49cc. I never got any of them to run consistently, and dad took pity on me and got me a COX PT19 Trainer. I finally learnt to fly, then an OS Pet and a few AeroFlyte planes and I was in it for life.

Q. What advice would you give someone who wanted to try control line?
A. I don’t know what to tell you, just pick a 15 size , 32” wingspan something and do it.

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