Harold YoudsHarold Youds

Q. When did you start in control line?
A.  I started in Control line flying in 1946 when a friend gave me a Hurricane "24" model aircraft engine.
Q. Have you tried any other styles of model airplane flying?
A.  I have done control line only - preferred building Scale & Unusual Aircraft!
Q. What interests you in control line?
A.  Scale, Navy Carrier, Experimental Aircraft. Historically I have built and flown Lee Richards Annular Flying Wing (Scale) otherwise known to some as "The Flying Toilet Seat"!  I still have that model together with some 40 others and I need a bigger workshop! 
Q. What is your favourite memory of flying?
A.   Competed in the 2006 PAC Experimental Aircraft contest in Abbotsford  aka  "Weird & Wacky Model Aircraft Competion". That year Dennis Matthews won the title of "The King of Weird" - -- but I was a close second .  Some members still consider me to be "The Prince of Canards"!
Q. Do you build your own models?
A.  I have been scratch-building since I was 15 yrs.old but have built a few kits also such as the Veco Warrior, Sterling SE5, and one of my favourite scratch builts was the German DR-l Triplane flown with a Super Tigre 35.   I also  built a nice Stunt "Lieutenant" Aerobatic Model with an eliptical wing powered with an O.S. 40.
Q. What is your favourite model?
A.  Cal Smith's design known as the "Friskie Pete".
Q. What was your most spectacular crash?
A.  I was flying a rebuilt "Heinz 57" model with a Fox 35 when the engine died in a "wingover" - directly above the center of the circle -- what to do?---disaster was imminent -- so I did what any nutty control liner would do --- I laid down my Jim Walker U-Really as the lines had gone totally slack ---and I caught the model in my hand as it spiraled directly down on me! No Damage ! ---- I still need to decide if the occasion was pure luck ---or simply "experienced stupidity!" 
Q. Have you ever participated in any competitions? If yes, which ones?
A.  Navy Carrier Sport Event, Stunt, Nostalgia "15" Sport Racing,& Flying Clown Race  and the Experimental Models Event.
Q. How did you start in control line? Who got you started in control line?
A.  I started Scratch Building & Control line Flying on my own in 1946 but stopped for a period when we lost the flying site. However, I started again when Mike Connors talked me into flying an old Ringmaster in the 1990's. Keith Varley was also helpful.  Additionally, Gerry Boyd & I  build a lot of similar models together and Gerry has been a great inspiration to my experimental  model design & construction.
Q. What advice would you give someone who wanted to try control line?
A.   Model building & flying is a wonderful hobby. Join a Club but apply your own talents and inspiration - Don't be afraid to experiment!

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