Barrie Shandel 
Q. When did you start in control line?
A.  I was ten years old when I first started flying control line.
Q. Have you tried any other styles of model airplane flying?
A.  No.
Q. What interests you in control line?
A.  I enjoy the intricacy of both the aircraft and the gas motors that power them but most of all I enjoy having manual control over the flying.
Q. What is your favourite memory of flying?
A.  My favourite memory is when I finally was able to move from intermediate to advanced class in Precision Aerobatics.
Q. Do you build your own models?
A.   I build some of the planes I fly but not all of them.  There are some high quality Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) and Almost Ready to Cover (ARC) planes available.
Q. What is your favourite model?
A.  Miss B. J.
Q. What was your most spectacular crash?
A.  Sadly, also Miss B. J.  "She" crashed, full speed at a 45 degree angle when a line broke.
Q. Have you ever participated in any competitions? If yes, which ones?
A.  Yes, I have competed in Precision Aerobatics, Old Time Stunt, Navy Carrier and Northwest Sport Racing.
Q. How did you start in control line? Who got you started in control line?
A.  I always have had an interest in aircraft but it was when I saw an ad in Sears' 1961 Christmas catalogue for a ready to fly gas airplane that I really started.  It was Henry Hadjik who taught me how to fly control line models.
Q. What advice would you give someone who wanted to try control line?
A.  Building your own models gives you the best sense of satisfaction when it comes time to fly the plane.  You will be able to improve more quickly if you can fly as often as you can.

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