Larry Lewin
Larry Lewin

Q. When did you start flying? 
A. I started control line flying around 1960 with Ron Kennedy and Jim Curle. We were members of the Vancouver Bi-Liners model flying club. I returned to the sport in the 70s with a group that flew in Mission called the Mission City Prop Rods. This is where I met Bob Hornidge and Denis Doucette . Bob got me involved again 4 years ago.

Q. Have you tried other styles of model airplane flying?
A. I have tried radio control flying (at times) under the tutelage of Bob Hornidge and Denis Doucette (now of the 100 Mile Club).

Q. What do you like about control line flying?
A. I like the direct connection with the airplane.

Q. What is your favourite memory of flying?
A. Back with the Bi-liners we had a racing event based upon the Thompson Trophy races of the 1930s. The planes had to be a reproduction (1/12) of an actual participant (full fuselage or profile) of these races. If I can remember correctly, the rules were something like - max engine of 0.15, 3/4 oz tank. With 3 or 4 other racers in the circle - it was a blast!

Q. What is your favourite model? 
A. In the 60s I fell in love with 2 planes - the Pow Wow and the Eureka Mk2 (a design by Denis Cousineau).

Q. What was your most spectacular crash? 
A. My MOST spectacular crash? Tooo many to choose from.

Q. Have you participated in any competitions? 
A. I have not competed in competition beyond the club level.

Q. How did you start in control line?
A. Like most starters my first planes were 1/2As.

Q. What advice would you give someone who wanted to try control line?
A. If someone asked about starting in control line I would say that if they had no equipment, go with electric equipment or if they already had equipment, use it - either way "just do it"!

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