Barb BellBarb Bell
Barb is a non-flying member.
Q. When did you start in control line?
A.  I first flew control line after meeting my hubby Larry in 1969.
Q. Have you tried any other styles of model airplane flying?
A.   Control line was all I ever flew.
Q. What interests you in control line?
A.  The fun of trying to fly, the cameraderie of the club, just the fun in general.
Q. What is your favourite memory of flying?
A.   My favourite memory is of Deb Murray and myself trying to fly combat. We got our lines tangled around each other and after much laughing and yelling, her hubby Lyn came tearing over and untangled us while we were still flying! By the time we were done, there was no crash, but a tremendous amount of laughter!
Q. Do you build your own models? (or something to include building) 
A.  I have never built my own model, but have been fortunate enought to fly some that Larry and a few other good friends have let me.
Q. What is your favourite model?
A.   I don't have a favourite model, anything I could fly that went slow worked for me.
Q. What was your most spectacular crash?
A.   Spectacular crash................. my first attempt at a wing over. Straight over, straight in and the plane dorked into the ground and still turning!
Q. Have you ever participated in any competitions? If yes, which ones?
A.  I have competed in balloon burst and had a whale of a time trying not to nail the support sticks.
Q. How did you start in control line? Who got you started in control line?
A.  I blame Larry for getting me started. He took me to a flying field back when we were dating.
Q. What advice would you give someone who wanted to try control line?
A.  If you want to start control line flying, find a club or group of flyers who have fun, don't take themselves too seriously, have lots of patience and VERY important, practice turning in circles a lot!

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