PAC FunFly

  • 28 Sep 2014
  • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Clayburn Community Park
Come out and join us for some fun and flying!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, sun, light wind, most club members and spectators!

Jack, Dennis, Henry and Isabel attended.  Henry brought out 2 planes, ran the engine on one but didn't fly.  

Barrie put in the first flight then started tuning his new Oriental (ARF).  It flew very nicely.  He didn't have as much luck with his ME 109, while inverted the engine went rich and he had to land that way - no damage - the advantage of flying off grass!  

Paul flew his "Twistmunk" and concentrated on the "Old Time" pattern.  

Bob flew the repaired "Mr. Not R/C" and the goalposts didn't jump out and attack it this time.  Flys as ever - nicely.

Hube put in several stellar flights on his "Score".

Larry Bell brought out a friend, Josh, who used to fly with the club (several years ago).  They built a 1/2A and repaired an engine the night before then flew it today!  It has been some time since Josh has flown but he did very well - even managed a couple loops and that is no mean feat with a slab wing 1/2A.

I put in the initial flights on my version of the "E-Twister's Sister".  It was okay.  Denis, Larry B. it is your turn to get yours into the air.  Now if only I was a better flyer.

Henry's report

Clayburn Funfly Summary Report:

  Sunday Sept.28 - The weather was excellent and the membership turnout was very good. 
  We are glad to see Larry Lewin back flying again after his vacation from shovelling snow in Alberta ! 
  Paul Bedford is also back from his special vacation and we are looking forward to our next (election) meeting on Sat. November 8th at Barrie Shandel's home. Paul has "a million stories" to tell and we are sure to be entertained ! 
  Hube Start was present and demonstrating his talent at executing the precision pattern. 
  Barrie Shandel flew his new Oriental powered by an "Evolution 36" which is proving to be an excellent combination of plane & engine! Incidentally.
  Larry Bell arrived with two 1/2A Models and two new young modelers in tow. Larry had been providing flying lessons to "Josh" at the previous flying session and class was back in session this Sunday! In course of completing the construction of one of the 1/2A profiles at his home, Larry Bell also discovered a completely new finish (rare !) which is a mixture of 15 year old clear dope combined with 
a "special combination of rusted container". The "tinted"clear finish looked great but few modelers would have 15 years of "patience" in developing this formula ! Unfortunately, I left before the training session commenced but I suspect everything went well? A further report from Larry may follow. However, it is great to seeing some new prospective modelers becoming involved with the sport!


Larry B.'s report.

Well, as HH's insistence, here's a follow-up:

  Josh's test flight of his new Zero was flawless! And then he was generous enough to allow his neighbor's 2 very young kids a chance to fly it.
  The 6 year old boy Mathew did a few laps with my assistance and got dizzy but was happy with his flight. So since it was my first flight with Josh's Zero, I thought I'd see what it would do! Bad, bad, bad Larry.... 
  It wouldn't go inverted at all, with the result a nose dive into the not-quite-soft-enough grass. The slightly overly-long engine screws had pushed the plywood slightly away from the balsa 'pod' it was glued onto, and the thing simply came apart. 10 minutes with thick Zap and it was back in business. Then it was T.J. the 8 year old girl's shot at fame, with Josh's generosity at work again. 
  As my co-pilot, she was quickly able to carefully modulate the elevator and while I was still touching her hand, she was doing well after a few laps. I let her fly with my hand right off, and she managed a lap or two but began what is known in the full-scale flying world as PIO which stands for Pilot Induced Oscillation as she was correcting too much for the small changes the aircraft needed. As I was reaching for the handle the inevitable contact with the ground took its toll. Nothing some more glue won't fix though! 
  Josh was not unhappy as he knew he'd done a good job of building his first kit, and then flying it though a complete 5 minute flight including a few loops! I'm sure its all repaired again by now. He had also brought the Swordsman 18 kit originally built by my daughter Angela over 20 years ago as a backup, but it was not really needed. He'll be flying an A class Streak or something soon enough. I'm searching through my stack for a suitable kit. Then onward and upwards! A Twister with a Fox Combat Special by the time he turns 22!

Larry Bell

line up in the pits

Barrie's Oriental with an
Evolution 36 for power

Barrie's Nobler
 Variations on the Twister.
Paul's Twistmunk and my E-Twister's Sister 
Larry B. and Josh
 The overnight wonder!

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