Controline Endurance Record trials

  • 18 Sep 2016
  • 11:30 AM
  • Rice Mill Flying Site

3rd Control line endurance event.  

 Held at Rice Mill Road, September 11th, 2016.

Paul Bedford was once again asked to be the contest director.

Start time was 11am.  Two contestants were ready to dance.

Barrie Shandel and Henry Hajdic prepared their planes. Barrie’s plane had trouble taking fuel. It seemed that the vent lines had been pinched off and therefore the tank was being pressurized stopping fuel going into the tank.

After wriggling the fuel lines, fuel started to enter the tank. Barrie laid out the lines and attached the control handle and plane and Barrie was ready. Assisted by Henry, who started the motor, Barrie was off and flying and both official stop watches started simultaneously. Timers and onlookers then settled down to a projected flight time of 30 minutes.

When Barrie’s motor started slowing down timers grabbed their respective stop watches and when the wheels touched, stopped the watches at 19 minutes and 24 seconds.

This was an official flight and Barrie could have tried a second time but decided not to.

Preparations were then made for Henry’s attempt. Getting fuel into the tanks was a long drawn out affair. Fuel from a one gallon container was poured into what looked like a large baby’s bottle, then the bottle was connected to the fuel tank, squeezed, and fuel found its way into the 30 oz. tank. This procedure was repeated five times.

 The lines were connected and ran out to the handle. Henry was handling the handle while Barrie started the motor. Stop watches were started as soon as the plane started to move and everyone settled down to wait and watch. The projected time was 2 hours and 57 seconds.  A short time there after the motor died and the plane touched down ending the attempt. Total flight time was 11 minute and 59 seconds. Barrie helped gather in the plane and as soon as he picked it up said “there is no fuel in the tank”. It seems all the fuel had leaked out and it must have sprayed out of the plane as it was flying but nobody saw anything.

After gathering all the gear back together Henry invited all pilots, timers, CD’s and onlookers to his favorite watering hole for lunch and to discuss another attempt in the spring. Henry also proposes to have an endurance event but limited to an eight oz. fuel supply.

End of story.

Paul Bedford

 Contest director

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