The world famous Mission Wings "NS with BS" control line fun-fly

  • 05 Jun 2016
  • 9:30 AM
  • Mission Wings Flying Club - 10259 Farms Rd.

Mission Wings Model Flying Club 

2016 World famous NS with BS Control line fun fly report.

The day started with my arrival at the gates at 8.50 am.

Larry Lewin followed close behind. We set up the sun shelter and moved a table under the shade plus a couple of chairs. Then came the cooler with water. Shortly thereafter Denis Cousineau and his son John arrived, who drove up from Washington State. Wayne Scott, Gord. Spruyt and finally Dennis Mathews. Hube Start, Paul Dranfield, Simon Durkin, Henry Hadjic and our zone director Bill Rollins (and his wife Dorothy), rounded out the numbers for a total of eleven pilots and visitors. Denis C and son John added another sun shelter to the Mission wings shelter and we were covered?

A sort-of pilots meeting began and Larry put in a flight with his electric “Blue”. I followed with a Fire cat and others laid out lines, handles and planes. It was getting warm so I mentioned that there was water in the cooler.

When Dennis M. finally arrived the flying stopped and everyone helped set up the carrier deck. John had been using the “Magic Carpet” but after the deck was laid out and made ready he rolled up said carpet and he and everyone used the carrier deck for take-off.  This worked out very well for almost everyone. Wayne had combat planes and Gord. helped to hand launch. I did notice that as the day got hotter the oil on the deck got hotter and when starting a motor, especially if a little reluctant to fire right away, the oil was slippery and hot to the knees. Not red neck, red knees?

Lunch came and went. We almost ran out of water. Dennis M. raided the club house and found ½ doz. warm water bottles which quickly disappeared.

Bill (Sweet William) Rollins didn’t know how to fly C/L.  He does now. Larry took him aside and he flew a small electric from go to whoa. Not once but twice. Yay Bill.

 The day got hotter and the flying got better, I think. Dennis M. decided to try his first of three carrier planes. First plane decided to splash down short of the deck. Every carrier plane splashed down short or over shot the deck. Regular planes landed on the grass strip no problem. I tried several times to touch and go but it was not easy. After several attempts I did do a dead stick T.&.G. but bounced into the “water”.

3, 30 pm we were burned out. Again everyone helped put things away. The carrier deck has to be put away in sequence and Dennis saw to it that things went according to plan.

Henry looked a little rough and was grateful for the cold water on his face and down his back. The club house was closed up and the deck put away in one of the barns till next time.

Thanks go out to everyone who came and helped.

Paul Bedford

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