Control Line Competition Rules




9.1 Objective

To fly a control line model airplane powered by internal combustion reciprocating engine(s) so that it remains in the air for the greatest period of time.

9.2 General

No restrictions are placed on the design of control line endurance models except that they shall meet the specifications of these regulations. The regulations for Gas Models – Control Line Speed covering the flyer, the model and flight shall also be applicable except as specified below.

9.3 Engines

Engine(s) shall be of the reciprocating internal combustion type with piston displacement of from .15 to .360 cubic inch. Sixty percent (60%) of the actual piston displacement of four stroke cycle engines shall be taken for compliance with this regulation. Jet assist, catapult or other launching devices are not permitted.

9.4 Control Mechanism

The length of the control line(s) measured from the centre point of the grip part of the control handle (device) to the fore and aft centre line of the model shall be at least 52’0” but not more than 70’. Control lines for this event shall be two (2) braided steel wire lines, each line being not less than .015 diameter. The entire control mechanism from the handle to, and including the model, shall be strong enough to withstand a pull test equal to 10 times the model’s net weight (excluding fuel.)

9.5 Type of Model

The model must be of the heavier – than – air type equipped with a permanently affixed gear for take – off and landing. Fuel must be carried inside the fuselage(s), wing(s) or pod(s). Pod(s), if used, must be permanently affixed and remain attached to the model throughout the entire flight.

The model, with all equipment ready to fly, including fuel, shall not weigh more than 4 lb. (64 ounces). Care must be exercised to see that scales used for weighing are accurate. Scales certified as accurate by city or county officials or other competent authority, are recommended. No gases, as for example helium, shall be employed to aid in providing a lighter model.

9.6 Number of Flights

Each contestant will be allowed three attempts for completion of two official flights. All official and unofficial flights described below are attempts.

9.7 Official Flight

Any attempt during which the model becomes airborne before three (3) complete laps have been completed, and flies for ten (10) full laps, shall be considered official.

9.8 Unofficial Flight

An unofficial flight occurs when the model fails to become airborne within the first three (3) full laps from the point of release. If the model becomes airborne but does not fly ten (10) full laps without touching the ground, this too is considered an unofficial flight. Bouncing of the model due to terrain shall not be considered within the meaning of this ruling.

The Contest Director or the Designated Event Director may, at his discretion, add further definitions because of local conditions, such as a time limit to start engines, so long as adequate notice is given all contestants before competition begins.

9.9 Flight

The model shall take off from the ground or runway under its own power and without outside assistance.

Only one pilot is permitted during the entire duration of a flight.

The pilot shall endeavour to maintain the average flight altitude above the height of his controlling hand, but failure to do so shall not disqualify the entry.

Furthermore, during the flight if due to wind and weather conditions, or inadvertent pilot error, the model should touch the ground, this action shall not terminate the flight provided that the model is able to continue to remain airborne and continue the flight.

9.10 Timing

Timing will commence the instant the model is released and will continue thereafter until the model is unable to continue to fly and the wheels touch the ground. Two timers are required, equipped with suitable stopwatches. The official time will be the average of the two watches, to the nearest second. In the event one of the watches in use should fail during the timing, the remaining watch timing shall be considered to be official.

9.11 Acceptance of Records

Record attempts will be in accordance with M.A.A.C. Regulations except that a single contestant may make an attempt if prior sanction is requested and granted.

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