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A great big thanks to Joe Y. who passed on this excellent AMA produced film explanation of our sport of control line. Enjoy.


It has come to my attention that followers of this web site  may not have realized that any past event that has had a report made on it (including club meeting reports) CAN BE ACCESSED  by going to "EVENTS" then scrolling down past all "Upcoming events" to "Past events", find the event you are investigating and click on it.  That should give you the information you were seeking.

I'm passing this on from Gerry B. of the Vancouver Gas Model Club. Larry  "lots of interesting pictures here.  Gerry B"  

Please welcome our new member

Patrick (Pat) Odonnell
About PAC

Pacific Aeromodellers Club (PAC) is a model airplane control line flying club based in the Greater Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, B.C.  PAC has flying sites in Abbotsford at Clayburn Park in Clayburn Village and at the Rice Mill Road Model Airpark in Richmond, B.C.




Nov. 21, 2015 -  AGM- see events
Dec. 05, 2015 - Christmas banquet

2016 Executive

President -  Larry Bell, (e-mail)

Vice President - Henry Hajdik, (e-mail)

Sec./Tres. - Barb Bell, (e-mail)

Past Presdent - Henry Hajdik, (e-mail)

Members At Large - Paul Bedford, (e-mail)

Kathy Majore, (e-mail)

Hube Start, (e-mail

Barrie Shandel, (e-mail)


I am now adding the events of the B.C. Aces to this site.

Joe Yau recently sent the Tulsa Gluedobbers Control Line Club web site.  The Tulsa Gluedobbers are a club similar in size and (appears to be) age as ours.  I found the "Workshop" "Building" of specific interest.

Paul Bedford just sent this link.  -  Enjoy!

"The view from the cockpit!  What a lesson in coordination!  Four hands, four feet, and six eyes - all working as one! 

Bombardier Aerospace Montreal made these aircraft. They don't "motor around" to fill the tanks---they touch down at approach speed, open the fill scoops, add lots of power and the tanks fill in seconds.

There's one scene in the film where you can see the two tank level gauges rapidly go up.  The other neat thing is watching the magnitude of the flight control inputs, especially aileron, as they are maneuvering down low---sometimes the pilot is literally going stop to stop.  Real flying!   Paul."   

News Bites

We now have a facebook page!  Here is our link.


The 2013 Pit Meadows Airport full scale fly-in with static displays and flying.  Here is a link to photos taken for the airport.  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7379zlmu83rtz9y/20e33jtBAN

The 2014 Pit Meadows Airport full scale fly-in with static displays and flying.  Here is a link to our report


Member Updates
As we update the Photo Gallery, if you have any photos you would like to include, please send Larry an e-mail.

2018 PAC Events

Upcoming events

Meet Our Members

Patrick (Pat) O’Donnell

Q. When did you start in control line?
A. My first flying was when I was 9 or 10 in Australia.(60 years ago)
Q. Have you tried any other styles of model airplane flying?
A. I have flown SC RC when I was 14, then Propo at 20, Helicopters at 42, back to propo at 64.
Q. What interests you in control line?
A. port flying, general, non-competition stunt.
Q. What is your favourite memory of flying?
A. Probably in the 70’s getting into multi proportional flying for RC, A team racing in CL in the 60,s
Q. Do you build your own models?
A. Yes, I build all my own planes, boats etc.
Q. What is your favourite model?
A.  I like old timers best in RC. The 50,s Junior 60 style of plane. Sport Scale is my most desired type builds.

Website Link

Here is the link to the first PAC website (last updated Feb. 25, 2006) and the second PAC website (last updated June 10, 2008), which are no longer maintained. They have many pictures, articles, and other submissions which have great information about our club.

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